Connections with Mike Thom and Colleen Houde

Mandy Smith: Detoxing your faith from the habits and mindsets of Western culture

18:00 | Jun 2, 2021

Episodes Notes

Mandy Smith says Western culture is in a tailspin and the Christian faith is entangled in it. Western approaches to faith leave us feeling depressed, doubting, anxious, and burned out. We know something is wrong with the way we do faith and church in the West, but we’re so steeped in it that we don’t know where to begin to break old habits.

She says the best way forward is in Jesus's surprising invitation to the kingdom through childlikeness.

Today on Connections, Mandy Smith, a popular pastor, speaker and author, invites us to detox from the deeply ingrained habits of western culture so we can do kingdom things in a kingdom way again.

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