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For over 65 years, Golden West has broadcasted the local news, sports, and entertainment stories you've been looking for, in real time.
Now, if you missed it on air, you can catch it right here.

In order to serve you better, Golden West is now your source for podcasts. Podcastville.ca brings you the best of our community programming, on your schedule.

Podcasting made easy.

Are you a podcaster in need of a little help?
Interested in exploring podcasting as part of your marketing tool kit?

We can help!

Golden West offers studio-quality podcast recording and technical support for both the novice, and the seasoned content creator. Homefield will swoop in with whatever else you might need, from Marketing to Amplification, Analytics and Advertising.

Everything you need to be an expert podcaster, all in one.

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What is podcastville.ca?

Podcastville.ca is really two things:
  • A directory for the podcasts we produce, housing some of our long-form content so you can listen to your favourite shows on-demand.
  • Produce a podcast with us, and we’ll feature you right here (and in other places too, obviously).

Why podcast?

Podcasting's a great way to share your message, your stories, and get your voice out there so you can be heard. And frankly, it's also a lot of fun!

A third of all Canadian adults have listened to a podcast in the past month, and on average they listen for over four hours every week.

Recent predictions show this growth is set to continue. As advertisers appreciate the value of this audience, ad revenue's projected to increase from 31% in 2022, to $1.74 billion!

Is podcasting right for you?

Your organization wants to get into podcasting but don't know where to start.

You have a podcast and want to monetize it so it makes money.

You have a podcast but want more traction/listens/downloads. You need a marketing strategy.

You have a podcast but need help with data monitoring. You need analytics tracking.

You have a podcast but want it to be more identifiable. You need graphics, design, branding.

You have a podcast but the audio needs help. You need better sound editing and professional recording. You need audio technology.

You love making podcasts, but it’s turning into far too much work. You need logistics support.

You and your friends have a great idea for a podcast. You have the time and a bit of budget and want to get it off the ground but don’t know where to start. You need ideation.

Sound like you? Contact us for a free consultation here.

Who’s it for?

  • • Individuals
  • • Businesses
  • • Organizations
  • • Storytellers
  • • Dreamers
  • • Laughers
  • • Historians
  • • Educators
  • • Investigators
  • • You

What we offer:

  • • Studios
  • • A professional producer (yes, a real human being)
  • • Hosting on podcastville.ca, Spotify, Apple, and other popular directories
  • • Ideation (concepting your podcast)
  • • Cover art and marketing collateral
  • • Amplification
  • • Marketing strategies
  • • Social media strategies
  • • Website
  • • Monetization strategy (let’s find you an advertiser)
  • • No hassle (booking, call-in guests, scheduling, hosting, remote recording, etc.)
  • • Hardware (mics, tech, and stands)
  • • Post-production
  • • Sound editing

Podcastville.ca is a product of Golden West and Homefield.

Bring your podcast to life.

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