Connections with Mike Thom and Colleen Houde

Dr. Eric Scalise: Grief and loss- Coping Day-to-Day in Our COVID World

16:43 | May 20, 2021

Episodes Notes

Due to COVID-19, grief is rampant across the country. There is an urgent need to address the ever-present sense of loss and despair that many are feeling. As grief is something that everyone has to walk through eventually, this webinar is widely relevant.

Hope for the Heart is hosting a virtual symposium, “Grief & Loss: Coping Day-to-Day in Our COVID World,” on May 26 to provide biblical hope and practical help for the everyday challenges that come with grief.  

Today on Connections, Dr. Eric Scalise, Hope for the Heart’s Senior Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer talks about the upcoming live stream and why it is important for us as Christians to talk about grief and loss.

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