Connections with Mike Thom and Colleen Houde

Wendy Speake: Exchanging Parents' Angry Reactions for Gentle Biblical Responses

21:56 | May 3, 2021

Episodes Notes

Do you believe your struggle with anger stems from the wrong behaviour you see displayed in your children? Wendy Speake says the knee-jerk reactions and blow-ups you’re facing are often a result of a bigger set of “triggers.” Some of these she says are external, like a child’s disobedience, backtalk, or selective hearing, while others are internal, like an overflowing schedule, sleep deprivation, or perhaps your own painful experiences from childhood.

Triggers: Exchanging Parent’s Angry Reactions for Gentle Biblical Responses examines common parenting issues that cause us to explode inappropriately at our children. Moving beyond simple parenting tips on how to change your child’s behavior, authors Amber Lia and Wendy Speake offer biblical insight and practical tools to equip and encourage you on the journey away from anger-filled reactions toward gentle, biblical responses.

Today on Connections, Wendy Speake shares with us how we can trade in our angry reactions and knee-jerk responses for a more gentle biblical response.

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