Connections with Mike Thom and Colleen Houde

Kristin Hagen: Former athlete suffers serious injury, but uses the experience to help others

16:18 | Mar 12, 2021

Episodes Notes

Kristin Hagen at 19 was a competitive dancer with Team USA, a national award-winning organist, an original artist and a contestant for Miss Idaho USA. But it was 1994 and the airbag in the car in which she was riding was first-generation and high-powered enough to cause her serious injury. Three years later, lightning struck a second time and Hagen was once again the victim of the redesigned airbag, this time suffering severe and immediate demobilization from the sheer force of the deployment.

Through her faith and evolving 21st century healthcare, however, she was able to successfully reverse the effects of the trauma and recover her former level of wellness and mobility.

Today on Connections Kristin shares her story and tells us how she is using her experience to help others.

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