Connections with Mike Thom and Colleen Houde

Philip Moser: The amazing impact of one precious life

15:36 | Feb 26, 2021

Episodes Notes

Brittany Moser was a spirited, happy-go-lucky young woman who lived life to the fullest and made it her mission to enrich the lives of everyone she encountered.  Brittany was suddenly grounded by a rare and incurable disease, Addison's disease. She decided to embark upon the adventure of a lifetime and asked her best friend — her father — to accompany her.

Their unforgettable journey would eventually result in Free and Fearless: The Amazing Impact of One Precious Life, an award-nominated story that underscores the resiliency of the human spirit, puts everyday problems into their proper perspective and proves that love truly does conquer all.

Today on Connections Philip Moser shares Brittanys inspirational story and how an open mind and a positive attitude can inspire us to do things we never thought possible   

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