Connections with Mike Thom and Colleen Houde

Miriam Laundry: I CAN believe in myself

19:16 | Feb 10, 2021

Episodes Notes

Miriam Laundry is a best-selling author and educational speaker whose message empowers children, teens, and adults to believe in themselves.

I CAN Believe in Myself was originally self-published by Miriam Laundry in 2013.

The book made world record history in May 2014 when it inspired an online book discussion that set a Guinness World Record®.

She has now teamed up with Jack Canfield to re-release the book with more self-esteem building exercises and new illustrations.

Today on Connections Miriam talks about her why she enjoys writing children's books and why she decided to re-release I CAN Believe in Myself.

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