Connections with Mike Thom and Colleen Houde

Changemaker: The art of building better leaders

17:44 | Feb 26, 2020

Episodes Notes

Leadership comes in many forms, whether you’re a CEO of a large company, an entrepreneur building a small business, or a single parent struggling to run a family. 

But Deke Copenhaver says strong leadership is lacking without a willingness to bring about change.

Deke Copenhaver serves as principal of Copenhaver Consulting, LLC, and is the author of the book The Changemaker: The Art Of Building Better Leaders. Copenhaver was elected mayor of Augusta, Ga., serving from 2005-14, and has spoken at national conferences on topics including city design, economic development, healthcare, veterans’ issues, and the nonprofit industry.

Copenhaver says, “The fact of the matter is that effective leadership insists on the constant rejection of the status quo. True leaders demand continuous reflection and improvement of those around them, and even more importantly, of themselves.

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