Connections with Mike Thom and Colleen Houde

The 7 Big Questions: Searching for God, Truth, and Purpose with Bruce B. Miller

Connections with Mike Thom and Colleen Houde The 7 Big Questions: Searching for God, Truth, and Purpose with Bruce B. Miller

Oct 17, 2022

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Bruce B. Miller, author, speaker and pastor of Christ Fellowship Church in McKinney tackles some of the most common questions individuals uncertain of their faith often ask in his new book “The 7 Big Questions: Searching for God, Truth, and Purpose,” released on October 4, 2022.   

“We all have big questions about God, our purpose here and why bad things happen,” says Miller. “It’s not enough to believe in something simply because someone told you; there’s no depth to that. We must be critical and intentional in pursuing truth and letting the answers we discover inform our beliefs.” 

Based on research of the seven top questions people ask on the internet about faith, Miller takes a clear and compelling approach to walk readers through exploring and discovering answers to often-asked questions, including: 

·         Does life have a purpose? 

·         Is there a God? 

·         Why does God allow pain and suffering? 

·         Is Christianity too narrow? 

·         Is Jesus God? 

·         Is the Bible reliable? 

·         Can I know God personally? 

“This book doesn’t have all the answers, but I encourage individuals uncertain of their faith to keep exploring,” said Miller. “Investigating one question opens another three questions. Not having all the answers does not undermine or delegitimize faith. God wants us to keep seeking, keep asking and keep pursuing both Him and His love, which surpasses human knowledge.” 

“The 7 Big Questions,” acknowledges that doubt often gets a bad reputation, especially within Christian settings. Miller asserts that doubt actually has the potential to transform our lives, as progress comes from asking questions and earnestly seeking out answers. The book sets the tone for people to have meaningful, grace-filled conversations about faith without getting angry or offended.  

"Maybe you’re a bit skeptical that there’s a God out there, but you’re also curious,” says Miller. “Maybe you know you believe in God, but you’re not sure how to respond when someone asks you why you do. I’ve asked my share of hard questions about God and the Bible, both before and after becoming a pastor. I believe that questions like these are worth asking. Exploring God is a worthy endeavour.” 

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