Connections with Mike Thom and Colleen Houde

Brad Klassen: How a children's book is helping spread the word of God

20:34 | Nov 4, 2021

Episodes Notes

Brad Klassen and his wife Jen began their adventure by volunteering in the children's ministry at their church. Little did they know where saying yes to that would take them.  As their hearts grew for the children they served, they also grew for the families. 

Brad and Jen have created a new book series called The Unforgettable Adventures of Junior Bear. 

These books equip parents with the confidence to teach difficult bible stories to their children through simple and beautiful stories. 

They were recently awarded the Children's Book Award from The Word Guild Awards for their book series.

Today on Connections, Brad will share how they got into ministry and where the inspiration for their book series came from 

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