Connections with Mike Thom and Colleen Houde

Rob Kenney: Dad, how do I? Turning a negative experience into something useful

23:48 | Jun 18, 2021

Episodes Notes

Rob Kenney’s father left him and his seven siblings when he was fourteen years old, and the youngest had to fend for themselves. He wished that he had someone who could teach him the basics—how to tie a tie, jump-start a car, unclog a drain, use tools properly—as well as succeed in life. But he and his siblings had to figure these things out on their own. 

Now a father himself, Rob decided that he would help people out by providing how-to tips as well as advice—and even throw in some bad dad jokes. He started a YouTube channel for anyone looking for fatherly advice, and in the course of three months, gained a following of nearly 2.5 million subscribers, with millions of views for his how-to and inspirational videos. 

He has also recently release book with the same title, Dad, how do I?

Today on Connections he shares the inspiration behind his YouTube channel, as well as his book and how his faith has helped guide him through all of this.

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