Connections with Mike Thom and Colleen Houde

JJ and Dave Heller: The story behind her music

25:09 | Jun 11, 2021

Episodes Notes

JJ Heller isn’t your typical musician. She’s much more like a friend you would share a cup of coffee with who happens to play music. For over 17 years, JJ has remained firm in her passion to remind women they are loved, they are not alone, and they can live life with a whole heart.

Heller and her husband, Dave, work creatively together co-writing songs and touring the country. After 17 years of making music full-time, Heller has ten full-length albums and a Christmas EP to her name.

Over the years, JJ's songs have been streamed over 210 million times, and her You Tube videos have been seen over 27 million times.

Today on Connections, JJ and Dave chat about the inspiration behind their music and what it's like to work together. JJ will also share a bit about a new children’s book, Hand To Hold, that she is set to release on July 20.


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