K.R. Byggdin - Wonder World

Manitobaville K.R. Byggdin - Wonder World

Jun 27, 2022

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Episodes Notes

Stranger than fiction, inspired by life, based on experience? Wonder World will get you thinking... K.R. Byggdin’s debut novel takes you deep into small community life. It’s a coming-of-age story (Bildungsroman) that triggers on many levels! K.R. Byggdin writes from thier home in Halifax on themes drawn from growing up queer in a Mennonite community in Manitoba.

They have weaved a gripping story that will touch the heartstrings of queer and trans
people, yet delivers a strong metaphor that translates to all types of folks that felt they were never excepted for who they are in their home community.
It takes a village to raise a province!

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Topics Covered:
• Queer and trans people and their communities
• An open society that is more accepting
• Authenticity in your own life
• Acceptance leading to lower risk of self-harm and suicide
• Mennonite communities becoming more open
• The Piñata effect
• Writing what you know for the greater book-buying public
• Gaining perspective by writing from another province
• Sequel vs a stand-alone novel
• The history* behind the ‘They’ singular pronoun (*think Shakespeare!)
• Book sales are up! Get in on the action, and read Wonder World!

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