Quinton Blair - Country Life (1)

Manitobaville Quinton Blair - Country Life (1)

Jun 30, 2022

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Episodes Notes

Happy Canada Day! Mihangel takes this opportunity to exercise his First Amendment Right by being a Manitoban! A fellow First Amendment Right enthusiast, Quinton Blair joins the show to talk about making music, travelling the countryside to play it, telling stories and starting up his own small, family-run, horse-riding, campfire-singing business, blending together all the best parts of his life.

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Topics Covered:
• Starting a small business that takes folks out on horseback for a night, or two
• Singing around a campfire vs. big music shows
• How blending old country with new country gives everyone a reason to dance
• Riding rodeo and playing music at the same event
• Being produced by a hair metal enthusiast
• All songs are just country songs at heart
• Releasing singles in the digital age
• Pulling out the acoustic band to great aplomb
• A haunted road story
• The rural population mix
• Country life’s secret pleasures

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