Jake MacDonald - The Cottage

Manitobaville Jake MacDonald - The Cottage

Jun 9, 2022

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Episodes Notes

Writer’s don’t just write, they talk about writing. In this episode, Jake MacDonald and Mihangel get lost in discussion on the craft of journalism, writing, and his play "The Cottage", which ran at the Manitoba Theatre Centre in 2019. The discussion focuses on the tensions between responsibility and fun, contrasting an older generation, who are all about personal duty, community and work, and the younger generation who are more about personal fulfilment and getting away with as much as they can.

Topics Covered:
• The beauty of journalism
• Meeting people and living their experience
• Bad writing as a failure of living
• Learning to type
• Rotating cottage sets getting huge audience reactions
• Theatre is never growing up
• Suspension of disbelief
• Audience participation
• Stealing lines from actors (in a good way!)
• Synopsis ‘The Cottage’
• Bonding with a cottage
• The physical work that goes into maintaining a cottage

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This interview was recorded April 20, 2019.

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