Kathy Assiero - Symatree Farm

Manitobaville Kathy Assiero - Symatree Farm

May 26, 2022

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If you have never touched a horse in your life, Symatree Farm is for you! Owner, Kathy Assiero, wants to help you understand your energy levels by working with horses to get into better rhythm with the world. It’s an insightful look into the human psyche and the truth-telling of the equine species.

Symatree Farm is located just outside of Hazelridge, MB. A short journey that will take you a long way! It takes a village to raise a province!

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Topics Covered:
• The sensitivities of horses
• Working with the horses
• Rescue horses
• Mental health issues that horses help with
• Confidence that the horses restore in individuals
• The horse arena and moveable obstacles
• The geodesic dome that hosts programs, meetings and sleep-overs
• The cabins
• The team that works with kids, teens and adults
• Participants forgetting they have phones and social media

Recorded May 25, 2022

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