Belinda Kerda - Vita Canada Day Celebrations

Manitobaville Belinda Kerda - Vita Canada Day Celebrations

May 18, 2022

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Episodes Notes

Vita will be firecrackin’ on the First of July! Belinda Kerda joins Mihangel to stoke the excitement and invite all y’all down to take in the festivities, activities, ball tournament, food and all the good folks who know how to throw a Canada Day party! It’s happening July 1-3, 2022. It takes a village to raise a province!

Topics Covered:
• Slo-Pitch Ball Tournament
• Perogies, kubasa (kielbasa)
• Mechanical Bulls
• Runnin’ for the border
• Where to stay in, and around, Vita
• Making new friends
• Live music with Almost Famous
• Strong-Man competition (open to amateurs too!)
• Rodeo! Bingo! 50-50 Draws! Chainsaw Carving
• Horseback Mounted Shooting competition
• Horse Gymkhana
• Gardenton Ukrainian Festival
• Roseau River tubing, kayaking, canoeing
• The endangered Prairie Orchid

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