Katie Jones - Wild Boar Meat

Manitobaville Katie Jones - Wild Boar Meat

May 18, 2022

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Episodes Notes

Suuuu-Eeeeeee!!! In this episode, Mihangel finally gets the call right! Katie Jones joins the pod to discuss raising Wild Boar, the many misconceptions that people have about the animals, what the animals are like in personality and how they have their own unique taste. They are perfect for our climate, don’t carry disease and are
available for sale in halves and whole...

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Topics Covered:
• Wild Boar Farming
• Difference between Wild Pigs and Wild Boars
• Don’t Shoot a Farmers Wild Boars
• Taste vs pink pigs
• Travel costs to ship or pick up meat
• Moving to the country as a lifestyle choice
• Variety of cuts you can get out of a half boar
• Figuring out how to solve the wild pig problem plaguing the province
• *Repeat* Don’t Shoot a Farmers Wild Boars
• Butcher your own Wild Boar!

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