Dr. Gordon Goldsborough - Abandoned Manitoba

Manitobaville Dr. Gordon Goldsborough - Abandoned Manitoba

May 5, 2022

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Episodes Notes

Dr. Gordon Goldsborough is interested in reconnecting abandoned buildings and their history. This hobby has led to a couple of books on the subject, Abandoned Manitoba and More Abandoned Manitoba. Much of our history has been lost to time. Dr. Goldsborough is trying to save some of it through his interest in abandoned buildings and his association with the Manitoba Historical Society. 

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Topics Covered:
• Finding old buildings
• Talking to locals about the history
• Is York Factory (1831) the oldest wood building in Manitoba?
• Climate change hampering efforts to save buildings
• Getting tips from the public about buildings
• Scanning history books for the Manitoba Historical Society
• His own family moving off the land

This interview first aired December 19, 2018

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