Bert Marshall & Ernie Neubauer - The Inglis Elevators

Manitobaville Bert Marshall & Ernie Neubauer - The Inglis Elevators

May 5, 2022

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The Inglis Elevators, giants of the prairies! A National Heritage Site that Bert Marshall and Ernie Neubauer know quite a bit about them. The pair helped to save, refurbish and curate them into a tourist destination. The elevators represent a bygone era
when communities thrived, when a farm could be small and profitable, roads were passable and cost-effective to maintain. Stay tuned after the discussion to get a tour of the elevators from Ernie! 

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Topics Covered:
• 1920/21 started building first elevator
• How grain companies operated
• Ernie was the youngest grain buyer in Canada when he started
• Visitors want to experience the past
• Elevators were the centre of the farming communities
• Some things haven’t changed, like the weather and tall tales
• Rick Mercer and volunteers painting the elevators

This interview first aired March 23, 2018.

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