The Hailey's!!! - Rock Band

Manitobaville The Hailey's!!! - Rock Band

May 5, 2022

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Episodes Notes

Hay Hay, It’s the Haileys, and they’re gonna tell you all about it on the pod! Hailey(s) Legary, Hunter, Matiation talk being an all-female band, music development, and future goals for the band. It’s an exciting time as they are in the midst of auditioning a fourth Hailey who will take on lead guitar duties. Get out and catch a show, and say that you saw them when...

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Topics Covered:
• They were all born a Hailey!
• How bands are created, including good fortune
• Early influences
• The Manitou Opera House
• Post-covid road shows
• How audiences respond to their music and being an all-female band
• How fun it is to rock out with great songs,499/thehaileys

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