Harry Siemens - Farm Journalist & Activist

Manitobaville Harry Siemens - Farm Journalist & Activist

May 5, 2022

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Harry Siemens is a household name in many parts of Manitoba. If you haven’t heard of him, it's because you don’t farm, ranch or grow vegetables. His show Siemens Says brought us together with the Farm Report where we learned about the agricultural community, commodity prices or just to see which way the wind was blowing!

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Topics Covered:
• Getting started in media
• Toastmasters as training ground
• A farming background
• Harry’s early days as a farm program director on Radio Southern MB
• Learning at the knees of Orion Samuelson & Max Armstrong
• Firing up the Farm Report on CKX and MTN
• Farming activism and the work that goes into it
• Umpiring baseball
• Involving himself in the community through his church
• Living in the moment and being involved


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