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Manitobaville Chris Burke-Gaffney - Songwriter_Producer

May 5, 2022

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Episodes Notes

All Chris Burke-Gaffney ever wanted was a little success. Through hard work and dedication, he got it. It wasn’t a miracle, even though some might see it that way. In this episode, an incredible prairie boy tells us about pursuing his dreams in the big city. Now, thousands of songs later, we want to say thank you. Our record library is better for you efforts! This interview first aired April 17, 2019.

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Topics Covered:
• Living the rural lifestyle
• Formative years listening to music
• Developing as an artist
• Almost writing a song with Jon Bon Jovi
• Achieving a little success
• Writing for Chantal Kreviazuk and McMaster & James
• Getting back into watching and enjoying Jets hockey

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