Paul Smith—Transforming pinstripes into “all stripes”.

unBOARD Paul Smith—Transforming pinstripes into “all stripes”.

Oct 6, 2021

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Did somebody say you have to be in New York, Paris, or London to make waves in thought leadership? 

That person wasn’t Paul. Making waves worldwide from the shores of Perth, Australia Paul is the founder of Future Directors Institute, which recently completed another successful international simulcast conference on transformation leadership. 

Who are future directors? As Paul describes it, “we are a group of (un)like-minds, bringing the future to the boardroom, creating a fairer, safer, smarter future, who know ‘future-proof’ is a skill not a status, who learn and disagree and think again, again. Any director can be a Future Director All stripes, not just pinstripes. All stages, not just newcomers.

Take a pod-peek. Listen to the waves of Perth.

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