Rick Duha—Full Colour Governance

unBOARD Rick Duha—Full Colour Governance

Sep 7, 2021

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There seems to be a lot of brown furniture these days! Who decided on brown? Remember when we had avocado refrigerators? And now we don’t?

Welcome to the wonderful world of colour, a part of our universe that is, yes, led and “governed”. Rick Duha’s not only part of that world, but he’s also developed a thriving business from it. Today, Duha Group manufactures in 7 countries and has customers in over 125 countries.

That splash of business colour provided the bridge for him to be involved with the international Board of Young Presidents Organization (YPO), the global leadership community of 30,000+ chief executives, driven by the shared belief that the world needs better leaders.

Rick can colour between the lines on leadership. Have a listen.

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