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Alcohol, maybe, isn‘t making my life better | Tim Stone

The Lang & LeBlanc Podcast Alcohol, maybe, isn‘t making my life better | Tim Stone

Oct 1, 2021

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"Alcohol, maybe, isn't making my life better | Tim Stone" is the fortieth installment of the Lang & LeBlanc Podcast — a part of the Saskatchewan Podcast Network. It's the twentieth and final in the second season of the program.


This week, Tim Stone of C95 and Z99 joins the pod to chat about his journey to sobriety, along with what brought him to Saskatoon and stories of his time in North Battleford and Prince Albert. Our own Brady Lang also shares his own journey to sobriety following his three-year anniversary on Sept. 24, 2021.




INTRO, 00:00 to 3:21


A message from Brady, who celebrated three years without alcohol on Sept. 24, 2021!


Tim Stone — C95 and Z99, 03:22 to 29:54

  • Introducing the 38th Friend of the Podcast

  • Tim's addiction story

  • 12 step, AA

  • "Alcohol, maybe, isn't making my life better"

  • The life on the other side of sobriety

  • Do what works for you

  • Tim goes viral, "“You’re the guy who doesn’t drink”: A video about being a non-drinker during the holiday season goes viral" | 650 CKOM

  • "Whatever it is you said, it's good:" life after the video

  • Golfing, and the secret power Teetotalism brings

  • Looking into Tim's radio life

  • Getting to the big city from Davidson

  • His time at the Davidson A & W

  • "I didn't want to be a farmer"

  • College at SAIT

  • First job in Lloydminster, then North Battleford and Prince Albert

  • Moving to Saskatoon

  • Most bizarre experience at a live on location

  • North Battleford's karaoke competition

  • The connection between alcohol and broadcasting

  • Advice for the younger generation of broadcasters

LLP Get Together — recorded on Sept. 28, 30:00 to 77:09

  • Avery's here, where was he?

  • INTRO: a little late

  • Brady's journey to sobriety

  • The support system

  • "It was time to quit"

  • Alcohol and Canadian culture

  • Glorifying alcohol from a young age

  • More on Season 3


  • "IT'S INCONCLUSIVE!" Was Fajardo in?

  • How Avery and Brady are feelin about the Riders

  • The sting of the Winnipeg losses

  • Wonky CFL schedule

  • Looking onto Calgary, and again, and again

  • The Jays are good again

  • A little NFL mixed in

  • Wrapping things up, and the last word from the guys


  • "Addictions is anywhere you look"



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