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On the sidelines, with Claire Hanna

The Lang & LeBlanc Podcast On the sidelines, with Claire Hanna

Sep 10, 2021

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Episodes Notes

"On the sidelines, with Claire Hanna," is the thirty-seventh installment of the Lang & LeBlanc Podcast — a part of the Saskatchewan Podcast Network. It's the seventeenth in the second season of the program.


This week, CTV Regina and TSN's Claire Hanna joins the pod to chat all things Riders, along with equality in sport, her Olympic experience, her journey to the sidelines and becoming a sports broadcaster.



INTRO, 00:00 to 3:13


Claire Hanna, CTV Regina/TSN, 3:14 to 52:04


  • Introducing the 35th FOTP

  • Sports are back!

  • Latvia, to Italy, to Regina, to Toronto

  • How'd Claire end up covering the Olympics?

  • What were the Olympics like, covering them in Toronto?

  • Canadian Women at the Olympics

  • Canadian National Volleyball Team

  • Athletic backgrounds in sports broadcasting

  • Why Claire got into the industry

  • Women's sports coverage

  • Emmarae Dale, Hilltops and Valks

  • What has to happen for sustainable professional women's hockey

  • The ol' Rutherford

  • The 2018 Scotties in Humboldt

  • Covering curling

  • Jay Onrait and the Lisa Ford Connection with Brady and Claire

  • The Riders and Sideline Reporting

  • The Chris Jones era

  • Moving to the Banjo Bowl

  • U-Sports

  • Kyle Borsa

  • Advice for young broadcasters

LLP GET TOGETHER, 53:00 to 99:59


  • Avery's coaching on the gridiron

  • Looking back on Claire Hanna

  • Equality in Sport

  • THE ROUGHRIDER CORNER (begins at 60:48)


  • Injuries, penalties and poor play

  • Cody Fajardo

  • Officiating

  • Where's Andre Proulx?

  • Banjo Bowl predictions

  • Looking at CFL Pick Em and Fantasy (Brady moves to 3 and 2)

  • CFL games ... we didn't watch ...

  • Taking a look back at past guests on the LLP

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