The Lang & LeBlanc Podcast

Reunited: Avery in the YXE

The Lang & LeBlanc Podcast Reunited: Avery in the YXE

Aug 29, 2021

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Episodes Notes

"Reunited: Avery in the YXE," is the thirty-fifth installment of the Lang & LeBlanc Podcast — a part of the Saskatchewan Podcast Network. It's the fifteenth in the second season of the program.

This episode — we'll call it some bonus content — Avery visits Saskatoon to do the first-ever LLP in-person. The guys chat about all things LLP, their time at WABC, an extended Rider Corner, and take a trip around the City of Bridges.

** Bonus content, including a video portion, will be coming this week **

No lineup this week, listen at your own leisure!


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