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Barn Cat Brawls and Acreage Life, with Brenden Purdy

The Lang & LeBlanc Podcast Barn Cat Brawls and Acreage Life, with Brenden Purdy

Aug 26, 2021

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Episodes Notes

"Barn Cat Brawls and Acreage Life, with Brenden Purdy," is the thirty-fourth installment of the Lang & LeBlanc Podcast — a part of the Saskatchewan Podcast Network. It's the fourteenth in the second season of the program.


This week, Global Saskatoon's Brenden Purdy joins us from his family acreage, chatting about his upbringing in Saskatoon, covering sports in his hometown, along with filling us in on the local sports scene in the Bridge City.




KICKIN THINGS OFF, 0:00 to 9:23

  • The morning grind
  • Pumpkin Splice Lattes are back
  • Thunder and Lightning: Wild August storms
  • Breaking the radio wall
  • Brenden Purdy preview
  • Our current catalogue of LLP episodes

Brenden Purdy, sports reporter with Global Saskatoon. Recorded on Aug. 24, 2021 10:10 to 63:39

  • A copy and paste intro
  • From the RM of Colonsay
  • Out at the acreage
  • Purdy's dogs
  • Hometown sports guy
  • Purdy's glory days
  • Dog interruptions
  • Living outside of Sask.
  • Weather in Ontario vs. Sask
  • Barn Cat Fight
  • College of Sports Media
  • CJFL Update: Hilltops and Thunder
  • Saskatoon Blades update
  • Connor Bedard
  • Best Sask WHL team?
  • Hometown Blades memories
  • The Rutherford
  • Rider reaction from the first three weeks
  • Toronto sports memories
  • Team North America, World Cup of Hockey
  • Local sports are back!
  • Rattlers home opener
  • Hockey Parent Podcast?
  • Reffing grassroots hockey
  • Coaching grassroots hockey
  • The Backyard Stories:

    • Chairs and Trampolines

  • Emmarae Dale
  • Transition to news during COVID-19
  • Advice for young broadcasters
  • Live studio audience next week?

The LLP Get Together, 64:00 to 103:00

  • Avery's comin to Saskatoon!
  • Yorkton update
  • Melville Minor Football
  • Purdy reflection

    • COVID cases in Mosaic Update (or lackthereof)
    • Vaccine passports
    • Week three reaction
    • Riders need adversity
    • Onto the bye
    • Around the league

  • Farm boy Avery returns
  • What to do when Avery visits the YXE

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