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Hockey is Back, with Marty Martinson and Mat Barrett

The Lang & LeBlanc Podcast Hockey is Back, with Marty Martinson and Mat Barrett

Aug 18, 2021

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Episodes Notes

"Hockey is Back, with Marty Martinson and Mat Barrett," is the thirty-third episode of the Lang & LeBlanc Podcast — a part of the Saskatchewan Podcast Network. It's the thirteenth in the second season of the program.


This week, play by play guys in Mat Barrett and Marty Martinson of the SJHL's Melfort Mustangs and Battlefords North Stars, respectively, join the show to chat all things SJ, including their favourite barns in the league, a look at the return to the rink and how their seasons have started.




KICKIN THINGS OFF, 0:00 to 10:18

  • A look at Brady's holidays
  • Mat and Marty preview
  • Hockey is back!
  • Riders reverse retros? WHY NOT!

Marty Martinson, Battlefords North Stars pxp on 1050 CJNB &, 10:18 to 85:29 Recorded on Aug 16, 2021.

  • Marty's here, Mat isn't, so Mat loses his intro
  • What's going on in the beautiful Battlefords?
  • Brady finds out he lost an MC gig ... during the podcast
  • North Stars Hockey School
  • The Battlefords: A hockey town
  • Is it hockey season, now?
  • The Yorkton Terriers
  • The local legend, Benny Walchuk (future FOTP)
  • Favourite SJ barns

Mat Barrett, Melfort Mustangs Marketing Manager (yeah, that's new!), 37:40 to 85:29 Recorded on Aug 16, 2021.

  • His new gig
  • Being a marketing manager
  • SJHL Broadcasters Documentary — don't threaten us with a good time
  • Rowdiest games the two have called
  • Shout out to Rob Mahon, new voice of the PA Raiders
  • Rebranding LLP, again
  • Mat's next adventure: to Sylvan Lake for road hockey glory
  • Manchesters on 33rd Deals
  • SJ future stars
  • The SJ Rookie eligibility
  • Why aren't we doing this in person?
  • The LLP SJHL Roadtrip
  • A message for the SJ fans
  • LLP Classic 2021: postponed

The LLP Get Together, 85:30 to 141:44

  • Diving into the polka
  • Hockey season feels
  • Bringing back local sports
  • A full refereeing tell-all podcast? Maybe ...
  • Working on the LLP in the background (new logos!)
  • Brady's golf extravaganza
  • Holidayz

    • Game 1 and 2 thoughts
    • The view from the stands
    • Injuries aplenty (who knew, right?)
    • The Canadian QB ratio
    • Brady's Rider history lesson for Avery
    • QB Happy Feet
    • Brandon Banks, Trevor Harris and Bo Levi

  • DQ dude in a helicopter, what the hell?

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