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Game Day ... finally, with Britton Gray

The Lang & LeBlanc Podcast Game Day ... finally, with Britton Gray

Aug 6, 2021

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Episodes Notes

"Game Day ... finally, with Britton Gray," is the thirty-first episode of the Lang & LeBlanc Podcast — a part of the Saskatchewan Podcast Network. It's the eleventh in the second season of the program.


This week, 650 CKOM and 980 CJME Rider Reporter, Britton Gray joins the show to chat all things Riders ahead of the opening game at Mosaic on Friday, August 5. Britton also talks about the ins and outs of being a sports reporter in his home town.




INTRO, 0:00 to 9:53

  • Early Rider Game Day thoughts
  • Moving on Aug Long

Britton Gray, 980 CJME and 650 CKOM Rider Reporter, 9:54 to 64:59 Recorded on Aug 3, 2021.

  • Introducing the next FOTP, from Regina
  • How's Britton feeling on game day?
  • Live atmosphere
  • What his game day experience looks like with COVID
  • Covering your hometown teams
  • A look at Training Camp

    • Most impressive Canadian/Camp MVP
    • Logan Ferland
    • Injuries in camp
    • No pre-season
    • It's been a while ... what's new with the personnel?
    • Realistic Rider Predictions
    • Jason Maas effect
    • Early season transactions and the quarantine period
    • What type of football should we expect?
    • Rouge-heavy football?
    • Rider call in shows return

  • Britton's backstory

    • Roy Shivers-era, the NFL and the 2007 Grey Cup
    • Sports journalism
    • The Carillon days
    • The Sens and the Kraken

  • Connor Bedard and the Regina Pats
  • How life has changed since he became the Rider Reporter
  • Help from the vets: Jamie Nye and Ian Hamilton
  • Working on the Green Zone
  • What's with Jamie's hair?
  • The Dallas Cowboys
  • Single-game betting
  • The Atlantic Schooners?
  • CFL Transparency
  • Grey Cup 2022
  • Grey Cup 2013 memories

The LLP Get Together, 65:00 to 105:37

  • Diving into the polka
  • Yorkton update
  • Movin' fun
  • Episode 30, Best of
  • YXE Best Pizza, Power rankings! 

    • Santa Lucia Pizza

  • The next week or so, what to expect
  • Running on cold brews
  • Smoky, still
  • Brady's birthday week
  • The Ex
  • Hunter Bros, or Rider game? 
  • Spudnuts?
  • JazzFest
  • Saskatchewan Day

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