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Mental Health in Agriculture, with DoMoreAg’s Adelle Stewart

The Lang & LeBlanc Podcast Mental Health in Agriculture, with DoMoreAg’s Adelle Stewart

Jul 29, 2021

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Episodes Notes

"Mental Health in Agriculture, with DoMoreAg’s Adelle Stewart," is the twenty-ninth installment of the Lang & LeBlanc Podcast — a part of the Saskatchewan Podcast Network. It's the ninth in the second season of the program. 

This week, Adelle Stewart of DoMoreAg joins the show to chat with Avery and Brady about their battle to push against the stigma of Ag Mental Health, her journey through fighting cancer, the 2021 growing season and writing her book. 


Kickin' things off - 00:00 to 12:13

  • An update on Avery’s move
  • Last day at 107.5 Bolt FM
  • How bad is the 2021 growing season? Farm boy Avery gives us his take
  • The weather episode, it’s probably outdated now



  • Introducing the next FOTP
  • How tough has the year been? 
  • Explaining Adelle’s operation
  • “Buncha asses out in the field”
  • What is DoMoreAg?
  • DoMoreAg’s workshops
  • Mental health specifically for agriculture
  • Historically bad 2021 growing season
  • Do we need more support for producers?
  • A national 24-7 mental health Ag hotline
  • Food price impact?
  • Apocalyptic feeling
  • Adelle’s Cancer Journey
  • Witting her book, "Nowhere but Down: From Tragedy to Triumph" -- CLICK HERE TO BUY!
  • DoMoreAg, what to do if you’re struggling

The Lang & LeBlanc Get Together - 56:26 to 91:30

  • The Olympics

    • We used to suck at the Olympics
    • What would we add as an Olympic sport?
    • WAtching the dart intensity in the middle of the afternoon

  • Crickle Creek mini-golf
  • Riders corner

    • More achilles injuries
    • New Mosaic rules
    • A FOTP birthday!

  • Month 6 of the Pod
  • The dreaded morning shift
  • Brady’s Backyard and growing grass

See ya next week! - 91:30

BRADY CAN’T SAY ROSTHERN - 91:52 - 92:49

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