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goodbye, Humboldt, with Calum McAnally

The Lang & LeBlanc Podcast goodbye, Humboldt, with Calum McAnally

Jul 20, 2021

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Episodes Notes

"goodbye, Humboldt, with Calum McAnally," is the twenty-eighth installment of the Lang & LeBlanc Podcast — a part of the Saskatchewan Podcast Network. It's the eighth in the second season of the program. 

This week, Calum McAnally of 107.5 Bolt FM joins the show to chat with Avery and Brady about life in Humboldt, doing radio in your hometown, Humboldt's coffee row and Avery's departure. 

...Avery's departure? We get into that more in the show!


Kickin' things off - 00:00 to 02:36

Avery is leaving Humboldt ... Avery is heading to Yorkton! - 02:36 to 20:35

  • Avery has a message for both communities, bring the tissues ... he promised Calum he wouldn't do it ... will Avery cry this episode?
  • Brady interviews Avery about the move
  • Saying goodbye and hello!
  • Coming to the community of Humboldt following the tragic Humboldt Broncos bus crash

Calum McAnally, morning show host at 107.5 Bolt FM (recorded on July 19, 2021) - 20:36 to 53:45

  • Introducing the latest FOTP
  • Hometown boy
  • Board Op to Morning Show
  • McDonalds Melfort rivalry
  • Morning shows from home
  • Old School Town
  • Small town coffee row
  • Avery's departure
  • What will you miss?
  • Live play by play for the Wakaw Warriors
  • Humboldt pub crawls
  • The Windsor
  • Life without Avery
  • Will Avery Cry?
  • Humboldt football community
  • Morning show tips

The Lang & LeBlanc Get Together - 54:17 to 93:05

  • Avery's crackin' a cold one
  • Canola Photoshoots
  • Best crop other than canola ... for a backdrop
  • Riders corner

    • Avery's worst nightmare, missing game one
    • Waiting for August 6th
    • Integrating back to society ... in the stands

  • The NHL Expansion Draft
  • YXE's Best Pizza: WOW pizza
  • Smoky Sask
  • DoMoreAg and the rough growing season
  • Avery's last words to Humboldt
  • A message for Yorkton

See ya next week! - 93:05

BEHIND THE SCENES OF LLP - 93:18 - 96:13

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