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Chicken wingin' it, with Marty Martinson and Mat Barrett

The Lang & LeBlanc Podcast Chicken wingin' it, with Marty Martinson and Mat Barrett

Jul 8, 2021

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Episodes Notes

"Chicken wingin' it, with Marty Martinson and Mat Barrett," is the twenty-sixth installment of the Lang & LeBlanc Podcast, a part of the Saskatchewan Podcast Network. This episode is the sixth in the second season of the program. 

Our Platinum Friends of the Podcast, Mat and Marty are back for another edition of L.L.P. The guys chat with Brady on golfing, camping, pre-game rituals, a look at the SJHL offseason and more.

We also bring on Queen City Pride's Dan Shier, he talks with Avery about going through how the last two pride festivals have been impacted by COVID, discrimination in today's world and how pride has spread through Saskatchewan.

Brady hosts the program solo, with Avery off on vacation to the lake. 

The show also includes the Riders corner, and Brady's new weekly segment, Finding the Best Pizza in Saskatoon. 


Joining the Saskatchewan Podcast Network - 3:51

Chicken Wingin' It, with Marty Martinson and Mat Barrett (recorded on July 5, 2021) - 6:47 - 61:51

  • Where's Avery?
  • Elk Ridge
  • Let's all go to Waskesiu!
  • Struthers experience
  • Marty's Fishin' Trip at Sask. Landing
  • Marty is the champion (officially)
  • ... And he got a trophy for himself
  • Game four of the Stanley Cup Finals
  • Hockey in the summer
  • Are the Lightning cheating?
  • SJHL Insiders
  • Pandemics hit on local sports
  • The North Sask. River Baseball League
  • Double-dating with Mat and Marty
  • Pre-game rituals
  • Picking players for player profiles
  • Saying goodbye to the North Battleford Civic Centre
  • Best rink burgers
  • KFC ... chicken wingin' it!
  • A message for Avery LeBlanc

Queen City Pride's Dan Shier - 62:37 - 81:19

The Lang & LeBlanc(less) Get Together - 81:27 - 95:34

  • The best pizza in Saskatoon
  • The Riders Corner
  • Our guest reveal for episode 27

See ya next week! - 95:48

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