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The Carillon, not the Corillion, with John Loeppky

01:58:37 | Jun 24, 2021

Episodes Notes

"The Carillon, not the Corillion, with John Loeppky," is the twenty-fourth installment of the Lang & LeBlanc Podcast, fourth in the second season of the program. 


Two guests join the show this week in former editor in chief at the Carillon, John Loeppky (begins at 26:21), along with Watrous Manitou Beach Marketing's Vickie Clarke (begins at 78:53). 


On this week's show, Loeppky gives us his take on student journalism, early Carillon memories, the origin stories of Brady and John — including @BLangCarillon — and John's experience as a disabled journalist. Along with Clarke's interview, Brady and Avery dissect their camping trip to Struthers Lake, second doses, July 11th, the return of Rider football and more. 


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