The Two Idiots Podcast

Two Idiots 132: Find the Spark feat. Uzoma Asagwara

01:10:14 | Aug 25, 2021

Episodes Notes

Uzoma Asagwara, MLA for Union Station and NDP Critic for Health, Seniors and Active Living, joins the show this week! Our conversation meanders its way from important things like BLM, coming out as non-binary, QPOC Winnipeg, healthcare, being among the first black MLAs in our province's history and the state of Manitoba politics, Brian Pallister's leadership (and departure), and Union Station challenges; to less heavy things like becoming a professional basketball player, joking with Wab, Dancing with the Stars, mullets, time travel, and much more! Enjoy!

*** We're played out this week by Quinton Blair's recent single 'Wild Horse Rider' - ***

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