Heroes in Our Midst

Episode #39: Troy Scott

Heroes in Our Midst Episode #39: Troy Scott

May 24, 2021

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Episodes Notes

Troy Scott’s story is SO relevant to the times we are living in. Troy has worked as a teacher and a Vice-Principal in Manitoba’s education system for 20 years and now, is the principal at Oak Park High School in Winnipeg. It’s his first year as principal at Oak Park and it is COVID. Troy is also very closely connected to one of our Season 1 heroes, he’s married to Canadian National Team Diving coach, Dallas Ludwick (Episode 28)… turns out she’s had quite the impact on him and he talks about that in our conversation.

I chatted with Troy in January of 2021, over Zoom of course, and fittingly, I caught up to him in his office… where it all happens. Now, even by the time we dropped this episode, restrictions had changed, and most likely they have already changed again, but you know, even in Pre-Covid times I would say that teaching is one of the noblest of professions. Troy is certainly a “hero in our midst” and represents a lot of people in a similar position who are in the education system in these incredibly tough times. And somehow, they are still finding a way to teach our children but even more importantly – to truly connect with them when they need it the most.

Learn what it’s really like for those in our schools every single day. Hear what it takes to lead a team of teachers through a year like we’ve never experienced before and be inspired by Troy Scott’s unending passion to make an impact on the young people in his care.


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