Heroes in Our Midst

Episode #35: Shannon Kehler

Heroes in Our Midst Episode #35: Shannon Kehler

Mar 22, 2021

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Episodes Notes

Like many, Shannon does not think of herself as a hero. In her words, “If I can be a hero to you, I am happy, but do I think I am a hero?  No.”

Before Shannon walked through Steinbach Regional Secondary School's doors and changed the life of Michelle Sawatzky-Koop and many others, she was a volleyball player from Flin Flon, a small town in northern Manitoba.  Following a successful high school career and acting on a friend's advice, she attended an open try out for the University of Manitoba women’s volleyball team was one of four rookies selected to play for the team.  She played two years before transitioning to coaching, where she positively impacted the lives and athletic development of hundreds of athletes in junior varsity, varsity, and club volleyball settings.

As an athlete who came from both the north and a small town, she thought the gap between rural and city athletes was miles, but when she made the University of Manitoba team, she realized that the gap was not that big after all.  Throughout her career, she not only taught all her athletes always to work as hard as they could, but she also demonstrated and proved that anyone from anywhere could make it as far they believe is possible.

Please enjoy our conversation with Shannon Kehler.


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