Heroes in Our Midst

Episode #31: Jocelyne Larocque

Heroes in Our Midst Episode #31: Jocelyne Larocque

Feb 22, 2021

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Episodes Notes

If we would simply list Jocelyne Larocque’s accomplishments, you’d probably agree that she’s a hero. But accomplishment alone is not what we’re looking for in our “heroes.” We want to know their story from the inside out, and Jocelyne’s got a great one. She grew up in a small town called Ste. Anne, Manitoba, and plain and simple, she just loved playing hockey and just knew that she wanted to play on the biggest stage possible. So, she dared to dream big, and it took her all the way to the Olympic Games and not just one – but two!

Most recently, Jocelyne was named the Manitoba Aboriginal Sport and Recreation Council’s Female Athlete of the Decade, an incredible honour and SO well deserved.

Jocelyne is proud of her Metis heritage and, no question is a “Hero in our Midst.”

We hope you enjoy the story of Canadian defenceman Jocelyne Larocque… as she takes us through the ups and downs of going after a dream and never, ever quitting.


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