Heroes in Our Midst

Episode #28*: Dallas Ludwick

Heroes in Our Midst Episode #28*: Dallas Ludwick

Feb 1, 2021

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Episodes Notes

Dallas’ favorite quote is, “Be yourself. It's the only way to be excellent at anything and to be a value to anyone else.”  Without question, Dallas knows who she is, and she leans into her values as she tackles tough decisions and creates a training environment where athletes can be empowered and challenged.

As a coach, there are two experiences with results you can have - elation and devastation.  Some days you get one or the other, some days you get both on the same day, and sometimes you get elation on the way to devastation.  She blends the two by honoring each person’s journey and teaching her athletes to be proud of their work, even in the face of grave disappointment.

Please enjoy our discussion with our friend and hero in our midst, Dallas Ludwick.


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