Heroes in Our Midst

Episode #6: Master Jae Park

Heroes in Our Midst Episode #6: Master Jae Park

Aug 31, 2020

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Episodes Notes

Master Jae Park is the third generation of his family to be involved with Taekwondo. His father is a Grandmaster, he achieved his black belt at age 6, he coaches his daughter Skylar who has qualified for the Olympic Games in Taekwondo. But would you believe that a fall in his last speedskating race (a 400m short track event) changed the course of his life? If he had won, he would have stuck with speedskating, but he fell and finished last. He left that sport and, over time, returned to the sport of Taekwondo.

Master Jae Park was born in Korea, he immigrated to Canada in 1977 when he was almost eight years old. His family settled in Winnipeg. He had planned on going to law school but on a whim, and after years of discussion, he opted out of mailing in his application in 1993 and instead, partnered with his Dad to open TRP Academy. What was supposed to be a six-month trial turned into a successful Academy. Named for Master Jae’s grandfather, Tae Ryong Park is a thriving gym and Taekwondo Academy that trains hundreds of students and has produced an Olympic athlete and an Olympic coach. The Olympians in question are Master Jae (coach) and his daughter Skylar (athlete).

Master Jae’s journey includes a black belt at age 6 in Korea, speedskating in Winnipeg in -30 and now blending his role of being a Dad and an Olympic coach to his daughter Skylar. Please join us to listen to his full story as we continue to uncover the Heroes in our Midst.


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