Heroes in Our Midst

Episode #7: Kelsey Wog

Heroes in Our Midst Episode #7: Kelsey Wog

Sep 7, 2020

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Episodes Notes

“She who has a large enough why can bear any how” is Kelsey’s favorite quote.  The “how” that carries Kelsey into the future will likely look quite different than what she expected a few months ago, but given her commitment to process and her unwillingness to give up, we have no doubt she will get it done.

Early in the month of March 2020 Kelsey Wog posted the fastest time in the world in the 200m breaststroke and was ready and excited for Swimming Canada’s Olympic trials. However, ten days before the trials were scheduled to begin, COVID-19 hit Canada and the world she knew was paused. After that, the 2020 Olympic games were postponed and following that her training facility was closed. Was this a roadblock? Yes. Has it stopped her? No. Although she is just 21, she is no stranger to overcoming challenges – be it the cold water she associates with her early swimming experiences, or hating the breast stroke at first, to confronting anxiety and emotions that threatened her performance internationally or courageously confronting her coach about what she needed from him. Kelsey has learned to lean into the journey, to trust the process and to keep moving forward.

To hear our conversation with Kelsey and to learn more about her story check out Heroes in Our Midst Podcast #7.


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