Heroes in Our Midst

Episode #13: Cal Botterill

Heroes in Our Midst Episode #13: Cal Botterill

Oct 19, 2020

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Episodes Notes

When asked about what it is like to work with national teams, professional athletes and emergency room physicians, Cal will tell you that, “the stuff is the same, but the people are all different.” Adrienne will tell you one thing she has always admired about Cal is that he does what is right for the human being that sits in front of him. Cal is there for the people he works with, he speaks from the heart and he will tell you the truth, even when it may not be what you want to hear.

Cal grew up on a farm with five brothers and sisters. He told us that the only way to survive in that setting was to have humility, a strong work ethic, and to care for the people around you. He mentioned that humility is not a lack of confidence, but a quiet version of it, and, that having gratitude for your life and those around you is key. His knack for caring for others transferred into all his work. When he spoke about his ability to have an impact on teams and groups he mentioned that ultimately what he did was make people feel needed and excited about what they could contribute to the process and then he helped them understand what they needed to do to get better. Of course, this is a very simple explanation of the work Cal has done and continues to do, but the message here is that caring for those around him is at the heart of his work.

Upon completing his PhD, Cal sought out the five best sport psychologists in the world to learn the applied side of the job. He spent time with each of them and what he learned from that process helped him create his own style. Throughout his career he had the opportunity to work with several experts including Terry Orlick and Geoff Gowan.

Now, in the sunset of his career, Cal reminds us that there are no ordinary moments. Every breath we get is a privilege, so enjoy the moment. He also suggests that recovery is the key to sustainable performance telling us that, "looking after yourself first may be the most unselfish thing you ever do."  An inspiring leader, proud father, and grandfather, engaging storyteller, and undoubtedly a hero in our midst. We hope you enjoy our conversation with Cal Botterill.


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