Heroes in Our Midst

Episode #18: Emily Potter

Heroes in Our Midst Episode #18: Emily Potter

Nov 23, 2020

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Episodes Notes

Emily Potter has always been very competitive, some might say ultra-competitive. Whether we are talking about basketball, sack racing (an event at summer family fun days growing up) or ringette net minding (in her early years), Emily loves to compete and hates to lose. She is so competitive that, growing up, no one could talk to her after a loss, her parents had to just leave her alone. Fast forward a few years and Emily’s drive to succeed would land her spots on Canada’s national basketball team (her first national team was at U17) and with a NCAA team (University of Utah).

Emily’s family is tall, her mom is six feet, she and her Dad are 6’5”. She’s been playing basketball since grade seven, now 24 Emily says, “I love how different and multifaceted the game can be. There's so many different ways to play basketball and different styles that I just haven't gotten bored of it yet. There's always more things and more skills to learn in the sport because there's so many elements to it - this keeps me interested and engaged and excited to keep playing.” Her dedication to the game has been tested - she has been sidelined twice by ACL injuries and she has had to learn how to train in a way that works for her and to trust that her way will bring her success.

She tells us that, “greatness is not what you have, it’s what you give.” An important quote to remember in trying times and in good times. She reminds us that the accomplishments and material things we have are not as important as the people in our lives and our willingness to give back to others.

Please enjoy our discussion with Emily Potter.


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