Heroes in Our Midst

Episode #24: Derek Ingram

Heroes in Our Midst Episode #24: Derek Ingram

Jan 4, 2021

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Episodes Notes

Derek Ingram never dreamed he would be a coach, but when he found himself coaching the people he was competing against he realized that perhaps coaching people in golf was best done when he was not also playing against them.

The Head Coach of Golf Canada’s Men’s Team, Derek believes that a trusting relationship between the player and the coach is key. Without that connection it is impossible to make the technical changes required to get better. He loves people and has a unique way of dealing with them, he spends time getting to know his players and the players know that he genuinely cares about them. When asked to share advice with us he noted, “less social media and more time with people”, a testament to his approach, he walks the walk and talks the talk when it comes to building relationships first.

Derek’s journey to a national team head coach position involves junior golf at Sandy Hook, Manitoba, a science degree in chemistry and walk on try outs at ten different schools in the US (spoiler alert he got five offers). We hope you enjoy our conversation with the intriguing and engaging Derek Ingram.


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