Heroes in Our Midst

Episode # 75: Steve Bell

Heroes in Our Midst Episode # 75: Steve Bell

Jan 1, 2024

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Episodes Notes

“My life changed when I stopped defining success by a
certain limited framework.”


That’s what Juno award winning singer/songwriter Steve Bell
said, when he decided, along with his manager/producer/sound design partner Dave Zeglinski, that they would leave Nashville and come back home to Manitoba to do locally what they did best… make music on their own terms and share it with others. And it’s worked for them… big time.  Steve has shared his music with over half a million people in 15 countries worldwide. He’s played over 30 sold out Symphony concerts across Canada and into the U.S. He’s been awarded 3 JUNOS with another 3 nominations, he’s won 4 Western Canadian Music awards, numerous Gospel Music
Awards and Prairie Music awards too. He was the recipient of the 2012 Queen Elizabeth 2nd’s Diamond Jubilee Medal, was appointed to the Order of Manitoba in 2021 and the Order of Canada in 2022. All of this has led to Steve being one of the best-known Christian musicians in Canada and if you haven’t heard his music, you will want to once you hear his story and our conversation
with him.

You see, his story is NOT what you think… and to say he’s
made an impact on the world around him is an understatement…so listen and find out who Steve Bell and what truly makes him a “Hero in our Midst”.


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