Heroes in Our Midst

Episode #67: Venla Hovi

Heroes in Our Midst Episode #67: Venla Hovi

Dec 14, 2022

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Episodes Notes

“That was my goal since daycare that I was going to play in the Olympics.”

Who sets goals like that in daycare? Venla Hovi, that’s who.

Venla is one of the best female hockey players to ever come out of Finland – she is a 2-time Olympic medalist, a multiple World championship medal winner, a Canadian University National Champion with the Manitoba Bisons, and now, is coaching female professional hockey in the United States. She has an incredible story of big dreams, hard work, and great personal loss but through it all a clear vision of where she wanted to be and what it would take to get there.

Venla always believed in training and hard work. She knew that having the drive to do both would push her onto great things. She was right! But that’s just me trying to tell you what she’s already said – so, if you really want to learn from Venla about reaching excellence, listen to her story and you’ll hear it all.


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