Heroes in Our Midst

Episode # 64: Neil Craton

Heroes in Our Midst Episode # 64: Neil Craton

Sep 23, 2022

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Episodes Notes

“I think this idea, the open hand, sharing what you’ve been given openly… that’s very important to me.” – Dr. Neil Craton

Well, good thing we asked him to join us to share his story! Dr. Neil Craton doesn’t only have his own life’s story to tell. He has countless experiences and examples of what he’s learned along the way from hearing other people’s stories. He is one of the longest standing sports medicine doctors in Manitoba.  He has worked with the Bombers and the Jets for years, multiple Olympic and Paralympic athletes, he’s an author, he volunteers at a homeless shelter and he is grounded in a faith that drives him forward in his service to others.

Just one of these things might make him a hero. Combine them all and it leaves no doubt, Neil Craton is most certainly a “Hero in Our Midst”.

Listen and be inspired!


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