Heroes in Our Midst

Episode #62: Alexa Scott

Heroes in Our Midst Episode #62: Alexa Scott

Jul 15, 2022

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Episodes Notes

“Cindy Klassen, Clara Hughes, Shannon Rempel, Brittany Schussler: I just want to be the next 'one of them'.” – Alexa Scott.

But who IS 21-year-old, long track speed skater Alexa Scott in her own right?

She’s a Canadian Junior champion, a 3-time Canada Winter Games gold medalist, she’s won junior world medals, a world cup medal and she’s already an Olympian having competed in the 2022 Olympic Games in Beijing where she finished 12th. But wait, that’s just where she’s been and what she’s done – it’s not who she is! Once you spend some time with her, you will quickly hear that Alexa is a young woman who knows what challenge means… and I’m talking about challenges that went far beyond the track… and she shares them all with us in this episode.

Thanks to Elite Sport Injury for helping us share another story of yet another “Hero in our Midst”. If you want to be inspired by a story of a young lady with fire, passion, courage, resilience, strength and big, big goals – take the time and listen to Alexa Scott tell her story.


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