Heroes in Our Midst

Episode #61: Cindy Klassen

Heroes in Our Midst Episode #61: Cindy Klassen

Jun 15, 2022

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Episodes Notes

No doubt, when you hear the name Cindy Klassen, speed skating and Olympic medals comes to mind. SIX to be exact. The whole world was talking about Cindy Klassen in 2006 when she won FIVE of them in one Winter Games!! But who knew who she really was? YOU will, when you listen to her story. Which includes when Cindy was in Grade 5 and how she entered a bike race with one of her best friends… and her dad looked at her and told her to “Go out as hard as you can and don’t look back.” It seems she took that advice for the rest of her life and never did look back.

Cindy Klassen is a “Hero in our Midst” for more than just her speed on the ice… and she is more than happy to blend in with the rest of us. But much to her chagrin, there are so many reasons she stands out – sit back and listen as Cindy even lets us inside of her head on her way to an Olympic gold medal performance!! Just be prepared to be inspired and impressed with one of the best people we know.


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